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Professional translations

Experts for experts since 1999

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Professional translations for companies since 1999

Financial translations

  • Annual reports
  • Quarterly reports
  • Annual financial statements
  • Supervisory communication
  • Prospectuses

Audit translations

  • Audit reports
  • Financial reports
  • Transfer pricing documentation
  • Company accounting guidelines
  • Contracts

Legal translations

  • Articles of association and partnership agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Due diligence reports
  • Notarisations and legalisations
  • Legal briefs

Marketing translations

  • Internal communication
  • Sustainability reports
  • Corporate publishing books
  • Media monitoring reports (overnight)
  • Press releases

”At, we work according to the ‘two-man principle’. Every translation is proofread, from claims to annual reports – no exceptions. You can rely on the quality of our translations.“


In-house translators

Every industry has a logic of its own, and every logic has its detractors. We’ll say it loud and clear: an anonymous database with 5,000 freelance translators does not match up with our philosophy. For the most frequent language pairs, German > English and English > German, we rely on our in-house translators. Alongside their extensive professional experience, our translators have academic qualifications ranging from undergraduate degrees to doctorates.

Large-scale translations

Our structure means that we have a special focus on managing large-scale projects. We are happy to handle large volumes of text in short periods of time – it brings out our sporting spirit. Do you need a company history or an elegantly written product presentation? Not a problem. An annual report, encompassing everything from mandatory items to corporate image material? We have the right translator for every discipline.

Express Translations

International companies never sleep – neither does their need for professional translation services. Get in touch with us. Then send us the text you need translated by 4 pm to receive your expert translation the next morning. Your documents will be translated professionally overnight and customised to meet your needs.

Sample translations

Language is very subjective, so don’t buy before you try – test us out. Just tell us about your project and send us an excerpt from your text. We will be happy to send you back a sample translation, with no obligation and completely free of charge. Then you can decide if it meets your needs.

Professional translation? CONTACT US Language Services

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