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Acquiring professional experience overseas is an important career step for senior managers. The first hurdle for your international career, however, is your application – in English. And this harbours significant challenges. Aside from linguistic conventions, there are countless quirks related to form and content that senior managers must take into account in order to win over a future employer.

Whether you’re dealing with American, British or Australian companies – we’re specialised in the specific linguistic and cultural subtleties of job applications in diverse cultural spaces. Trust us! We don’t just translate your application, we optimise it so that it’s guaranteed to win people over!

Advertise yourself skilfully in your cover letter

Market yourself in a way that relates directly to the advertised position – and your cover letter will stand out from the rest. For an American employer, it doesn’t hurt to be more impassioned in how you communicate. Don’t hesitate to emphasise your strengths and successes with enthusiasm. We know what makes or breaks an application letter. That’s why your application documents, translated by us, will gain an expressive and persuasive touch.

Curriculum vitae or résumé? What’s in a name?

A pithy CV or résumé is often the door-opener to a new job. That means it should be perfectly tuned to local cultural niceties – starting with the title. Applications in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand should be entitled with “curriculum vitae” (CV), and in North America with “résumé”. Personal details such as photographs, marital status and birthdate are irrelevant – however, you should precisely describe tasks you performed in your previous positions. In job applications, each and every word is significant. That’s why we file away at every detail of your CV or résumé until it’s perfect. Try it and see for yourself!

Attachments and references

In most cases, your application is complete once you have a cover letter and CV – or résumé. Unlike in the German language region, applicants in English-speaking countries are not required to attach university transcripts or workplace references, unless a “complete dossier” is requested. It’s more common to provide two to three referees and their contact details in the CV (or résumé) itself. In this way, a potential employee can make personal enquiries about the applicant. You can bring your translated letters of reference to your job interview.

Here, too, we’re ready to help. Our legally sworn translators can translate your certificates and documents word-for-word. Contact us for a non-binding quote today.

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