What you’re paying for.

Part of your team

Our prices are moderate. Of course, there will always be a lower price somewhere. You know this from your own competitors. But for us it is about providing you with equivalent value. And that’s your time. We will never understand your business as well as you do, but for as long as we are translating for you, we are a part of your team. This means that you have a competent translation partner at your side and, as a result, that you have more valuable time available for key tasks. We provide the full service of a professional agency with more than 15 years of experience.

A constructive partner

We support you from start to finish, from the swift handling of your request to the on-time delivery of your texts. And if it doesn’t work out the way you had imagined, we are a constructive partner when it comes to finding a solution. We will be happy to prove this to you by providing you with a translation offer quickly and free of charge, within 30 minutes of receiving your enquiry. Make up your own mind.

Pricing structure

The price of a translation depends on a number of factors. For one, on the length of the text: how many words and characters does the text in question have? On the other hand, it also depends on the text type: is it a simple press release or a complex medical report? Professional translation services require both first-class translation qualities and the appropriate industry-specific expertise. Moreover, the format of the text that you need translated also plays a large role. Is it complicated? Make it easy on yourself with!

Make up your own mind about our quality

Do you want to be sure that the quality of the translation will meet your demands? If you want, we can provide you with a free sample translation if your text is on the larger side of things. Send us your documents securely via our encrypted contact form or simply via email! Our project managers will provide you with quick, uncomplicated assistance.

“We deliver quality. We are flexible. We are professional. If you expect a lot, you have come to the right place, especially if you have requirements that aren’t ‘one size fits all’ – and they seldom are. Quality is at the heart of our business. Service is part of our DNA. Speed is in our blood. You can rely on”

Our services

  • Professional translation services

  • Proofreading

  • Interpreting

  • Media monitoring

  • Desktop publishing

Your benefits

  • Native speakers

  • Two-man principle

  • In-house translators

  • Designated project managers


Sonja Speidel
Project manager
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Request a translation

Is it complicated? We’ll make it easy on you – at! Request your customised offer right now. To do so, just send us your documents. Our project managers are also available to talk to you on +49 (0) 251 48 4440 0.