Translations with a focus on quality

Quality in all areas

Here at Lennon.de Languages Services, quality is an all-encompassing concept – from the swift handling of your request and on-time delivery to correct and timely invoicing. This approach also applies to the way we manage projects. We monitor our deadlines meticulously so that you receive your texts on time.

Always willing to lend an ear

With Lennon.de, you have an uncomplicated partner at your side who is always willing to lend an ear to accommodate your wishes. We set the highest standards for our work. You can depend on us as a professional partner. Is it complicated? Make it easy on yourself – with Lennon.de!

Full transparency

Send us your translation online via our website or by email. Within 30 minutes of its arrival, you will receive a quote for your translation and find out approximately how much time our translators will need to translate your text. Our translation agency continuously provides you with full transparency and close cooperation with our project management team, which will attend to any questions or concerns you have about your translation at any time. Make up your own mind about Lennon.de!

Stringent Quality Assurance

The translated text is proofread by another language professional as part of our internal quality monitoring programme. In the case of financial or annual reports, Lennon.de will even use three language experts to ensure that every text is checked and rechecked. Our translators and proofreaders bring specialist expertise and linguistic skills to the table. Carefully followed processes, the careful review of every single project text and our competent project managers ensure the high-quality translation of your documents.

“We deliver quality. We are flexible. We are professional. If you expect a lot, you have come to the right place, especially if you have requirements that aren’t ‘one size fits all’ – and they seldom are. Quality is at the heart of our business. Service is part of our DNA. Speed is in our blood. You can rely on Lennon.de.”

Our services

  • Professional translation services

  • Proofreading

  • Interpreting

  • Media monitoring

  • Desktop publishing

Your benefits

  • Native speakers

  • Translations checked and double-checked

  • In-house translators

  • Designated project managers


Kirsten Michalak
Project manager
0251 48 444 0-0

Kirsten Michalak – Projektmanagement Finanzen Lennon.de

Request a translation

Is it complicated? We’ll make it easy on you – at Lennon.de! Request your customised offer right now. To do so, just send us your documents. Our project managers are also available to talk to you on +49 (0) 251 48 4440 0.