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Your annual report is finally finished, your global campaign finally has that stirring message, and your internal communications paper is ready to be sent off to all of your international offices – in short: you have put a lot of hard work into crafting your content as well as a lot of fine-tuning that you don’t want getting lost in translation. This is why you send the job to a professional translation agency – Lennon.de


Our in-house project managers will answer your enquiry within 15 minutes of receiving it and, after briefly analysing your text (subject area, length etc.), will request any missing information: how urgent is the translation? Does it need to stick as closely to the original as possible or is there room for a little creative license – for example, in an advertising text? Are you a regular customer with a fixed Lennon.de translator?


The translator also analyses your order, taking into account the cultural context of the target language, any linguistic idiosyncrasies, the target group and the channels that will be used later on to disseminate the content. Only a translator who really understands the content of your text can ensure that its effect is not lost in translation – which is the only way that your translation can make an authentic impact.


The first translation undergoes a round of proofreading, carried out by other translators/proofreaders. Afterwards, your translator will create a clean final version of your translation – the finished product.


You will receive a translation that can be used immediately without having to make any additional amendments. Stress-free and on time – even with overnight and weekend translations. If, against all odds, you should not be happy with our service, it goes without saying that we will touch it up free of charge. You can put your trust in us.

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 We will also be happy to put you in direct contact with your translator if you like.

On a need-to-know basis

We tightly control who can see and work on your data throughout the translation process.