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Precise legal translations

No discipline is as heavily dependent on precise language as law – which means that there is nowhere that sensitive translations are of such central importance. When it comes to legal translations, we focus on precision and clarity. Legal texts don’t just have to be correct both formally and in terms of their content – when it comes to style, they also need to be written in a way that is appropriate for the target group in question.

Years of experience

High-quality professional translation services prevent potential problems. Thanks to years of extensive experience with contracts and audit reports, our professional translators have proven skills in the field of commercial law. In addition to this, we work together with a team of practising lawyers whom we entrust with providing specialist reviews or direct translations of your texts if you so desire.

Professional translator or lawyer?

It’s your choice. Would you like your legal text to be translated by a seasoned professional translator or by a lawyer? It’s your decision to make. Some customers prefer their texts to be translated by a lawyer, especially when it comes to important documents.

We’ll take care of it. You can depend on us in important situations.

Notarised and legalised translations

Do you need a translation to be notarised? Then you have come to the right place. Our professional translator will happily notarise your translations. Please contact us with your notarisation enquiry.

Commercial law. Corporate law.

“In addition to our services for companies, we also support leading commercial law firms with high-quality translations. Your trust fills us with pride. The high demands you place on professionalism and quality are our benchmark. Translating large-scale, challenging volumes of text without too much friction while delivering the best quality is not just a matter of choosing the right translator. It also comes down to rigorous planning and the tenacity of our project managers.”

Our Services

  • Articles of association and partnership agreements

  • M&A contracts

  • Due diligence texts

  • Statements of claim

  • Patent specifications

  • General terms and conditions

  • Notarisations and legalisations

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  • Native speakers

  • Two-man principle

  • In-house translators

  • Designated project managers


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