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Every word counts - especially in the field of medicine

There is almost no other field that is as diverse and therefore as demanding as medicine. When it comes to medical translations, translators need to work accurately and find the right tone, as it’s not just doctors and members of the pharmaceutical industry whom these documents address, but patients too.

Translations for different target groups

In medical texts, information has to be conveyed accurately, but also in a way that is comprehensible for non-medical people. Doctors, in turn, expect a completely different level of language, which means that medical translators have to carefully adjust their language to address the target group in question.

Doctor, it’s your turn!

Professional translation services in the field of medicine can either be produced by qualified professional translators or by doctors and scientists with doctorates, who, as experts, are able to translate texts that make an impact.

Sometimes, even texts by pharmaceutical companies that don’t have any direct link to a product are so thick with jargon that an expert translation is necessary.

If speed is of the essence - overnight express

Sometimes circumstances mean that there are very tight deadlines. We adapt to your requirements and deliver flawless translations that meet your deadlines, for example as part of our overnight express option. You will find information about this offer and other services for urgent cases on our express page.

Get in touch with us or send us an enquiry. We will find the best solution to your request.

Our motto when it comes to healthcare? Know your audience.

“We are specialists in corporate communication. Our customers also include renowned pharmaceutical companies. We have learned to speak the language of this sector. Even a simple job advertisement in this sector can be so dense with specialist information that we generally only use medical specialists to translate healthcare texts. If translators in this special field don’t have ‘Dr med’ in front of their surname or ‘PhD’ behind it, they’re not the one for us.”

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