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Think tanks and white papers

The work that governments do is complex, it takes place within intricate contexts and there is a diffuse range of interests. When translating complicated issues, it is important to have the appropriate expertise at hand and to precisely capture what the author is trying to say. A white paper by an important international organisation will make waves and create a stir among the press, but only if you commission a translator who understands the content and possesses a sure sense of the subtleties of political argumentation.

Which means that it’s good to have as a partner.

Government ministries - internationally connected

Government ministries have a strong international focus. It starts with their own websites and continues in an array of reports and publications that each government ministry publishes. When it comes to translation, it’s crucial to have the professional skills to choose the right tone in order to represent the ministry in question appropriately. We are able to confidently translate macroeconomic topics and documents from a range of different departments.

You can rely on us, as we have experts who understand what is going on and are able to translate it professionally.

Local government - the bright city lights

Towns in general, and cities in particular, have sophisticated needs when it comes to communication. These range from simple brochures and multilingual websites to the right presentations for promoting trade and the economy. Those who want to attract foreign companies have to speak the language of decision makers.

We have been talking big business since 1999.

Delivery time - when speed is of the essence

In an ideal scenario, a translation takes time. But sometimes circumstances set the pace. We adapt to these circumstances and deliver the best translations in the shortest of time frames. In addition to this, we have a range of express options.

Get in touch with us. Together we will find the ideal solution to your request.

White papers: much more important than some think.

“We were commissioned to translate a white paper about Germany that had been written by a foreign organisation. If something is really important, you are briefed in advance. But, as a general rule, we approach every order with care and professionalism. Now, when the white paper that you have just translated becomes the object of a news report, it makes you happy that you have such solid quality management.”

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